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8/27/12 first day of school WOD.

Its the first day of my last year at ODU, time for a new 3RM shoulder press.

EDIT: Results of the 6AM class at Crossfit Rife. 

Shoulder Press, 3RM test: 95-115-120-125-135-140(f)-140PR

PRed at 140 for a set of 3 after a failed set. 1RM used to be 155, haven’t tested that in a while, but based on my 3 rep, it’s prolly up :)

Run 1 mile: 7:25 not a PR but whatever.

+10 GHD situps post run, for teh abzorz.

WOD 4/12/12

Strict Press 1RM

135-145-150-155(PR 5-10lbs?)-160f-160f-160f

Tried to hold 135 for a few sets of 3, 135-135(1-f) <-how you know when it’s time to stop

Then, after a few minutes rest (<10)

21-15-9 rep rounds of:

115lb Shoulder to overhead

Kettlebell swings 1.5pood



This was a hell of a grip workout. Good one though. Maybe could have rested a bit more between strength and WOD. Gotta make sure that happens more often.

WOD 2/10/12

Max Squat Attempts


Max Overhead Press


Had what I thought was a terrible lifting day… But did get a couple PRs by a few pounds, so I guess that’s cool. Didn’t quite realize how much that deadlift/run WOD was gonna take outta my squat. Holy Shit!!! 


Rest. Wow, legs punished. Hamstrings are talking to me. Every single stair. Good hard work, but damn. Getting back at it again Monday. Also, cheat WEAK-end, so recovery not as good :/

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