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2/17/12 WOD

Skill Practice for building up to the open. Did 30 muscle ups for completion. I’m still not very fast since the last time I practiced these, but i strung 4 together for a new PR!


SO. Obviously the first ten are really the only ones I can do quickly.. Then we break down into singles mostly. Still needs work! I think I’m gonna start going back each day like I did when I started CrossFit and pick a skill per week to work on form and technique at light weight before and after the WOD.

After 5min rest, hit a short WOD, that ended up not being quite so short.


10 Ring Dips

10 Consecutive Double Unders

10 Wallball shots with lime, my homemade wallball (Directions) ~22lbs

¬†This took 18:44, and it shouldn’t have. I was struggling with the consecutive double unders and with the ring dips. Prolly cause I didn’t rest enough before starting this one, but that’s what happens when you’re on a ridiculous time schedule. Hard work, but got it done.¬†

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