He tried so hard….

He tried so hard….

The tears of our enemies.

The tears of our enemies.

WOD 9/10/12

Back Squat 1RM
225-245-265(old PR Tie)-295(30lb PR)-305F-305F

For time:
Row 1000
20 dumbell squat clean thrusters @ 40lbs


coming off some rest days

Due to my current financial situation and having to go on hiatus from CrossFit Rife, my Rest days are going to  become more frequent. Mobility, research and skillwork are gonna get hit hard in the interval. Food also. Look for those weight gaining recipes! If i can get over 200lbs, Ill be beastly. 


8/27/12 first day of school WOD.

Its the first day of my last year at ODU, time for a new 3RM shoulder press.

EDIT: Results of the 6AM class at Crossfit Rife. 

Shoulder Press, 3RM test: 95-115-120-125-135-140(f)-140PR

PRed at 140 for a set of 3 after a failed set. 1RM used to be 155, haven’t tested that in a while, but based on my 3 rep, it’s prolly up :)

Run 1 mile: 7:25 not a PR but whatever.

+10 GHD situps post run, for teh abzorz.




12 Deadlifts @ 155lbs

9 Hang Power Cleans @ 155lbs

6 Push Jerks @ 155lbs


So It’s been a while…

But I’m back and still kicking. I ended up (between finals week, getting engaged, robbed, moving and working overtime hours) missing about  full month’s worth of WODs, but I’m back danananananananana (Eminem reference). 

That’s right Im engaged. Ill post a pic of the ring when I get my phone on the charger. I proposed to (Steph) the girl I’ve referenced a few times on here, I believe I have been calling her by her first name, but if I haven’t Ill start now cause she is gonna be MY WIFE!!

We moved in together, got our apartment all fixed up, then promptly got robbed twice in the first month of living there. We bailed and are now gonna be with her parents til I graduate this spring. Gonna be a long haul cause were paying all out of pocket now.

In any case, I’m back in the game and trying to become better, faster, stronger so I can hopefully compete in the CrossFit Games. I have joined CrossFit Rife

near where Steph’s parents live, and her and her mom have joined me there :). It’s been great and I’m glad to be back.

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